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Speed & Agility School

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Want Quantum Speed? Sports play is getting faster by the day, and we can help you keep up mentally and physically. We will help you utilize your senses to better react to technical, tactical, and conditional situations during the game. We’ll use repetition and progression properly, helping you to achieve optimum performance.

We currently offer specialized speed training in soccer.

Baseball and football coming soon!

Additional Information:

A. All players are required to have a current annual Quantum Sports membership.
B. Class fees are due at time of registration. Registration is open subject to space available.

Inquire about our no obligation trial classes!

Register Online |  Spring 2020 Speed and Agility Schedule

To register over the phone or for more info call 304-562-1020.

Please note that you must be a Quantum Member to enroll. Learn more

If you would like us to start a class at an outside location or at one of our facilities, contact us by calling or email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a membership? Yes
  • What are the membership benefits? Click here to see discounts!
  • How many weeks are the classes? Most sessions are 12 weeks.
  • 2020 Spring classes will have:
    Monday classes for 12 weeks
    Tuesday classes for 12 weeks
    Thursday classes for 12 weeks
    Friday classes for 12 weeks
    Saturday classes for 11 weeks (No class on 4/11/2020)
  • How long are the classes? 50 minutes
  • What about holidays? There will not be class on 11/22/18 (Thanksgiving)
  • How many times does my child go to class in a week? Once a week
  • Who coaches classes? Our trained employees coach the classes.
  • What does my child wear to class? Athletic clothes/provided uniform and tennis shoes or flat indoor turf shoes.
  • What is a parent participation class? Parents join the class with their child. Children at young ages look to their parents for guidance in how they should behave. Parents help their children learn as the coach instructs the drills and games.
  • Do parents have to pay for themselves and the child for parent participation classes? No. The only payment is for the child.
  • What happens if we miss a class? We understand that people have other commitments. We do allow make up sessions to take place in the case that your child misses a class.
  • Can we look at the schedule online to show up for a makeup class? No. Our class schedule is always changing due to the number of kids in classes.
  • Can we look at the schedule online to show up for a makeup class? No. Our class schedule is always changing due to the number of kids in classes.
  • How do I schedule a makeup class? You must contact the coach and schedule the makeup session.
  • Does my child bring their own ball? No. We provide all the equipment used during classes.
  • Do I need to bring a drink for my child? If you want to. We do have a concession stand with drinks available for purchase.
  • Can my child join in the middle of a session? Yes. We can pro-rate the classes for your child.
  • Can I start my own class? Yes. You can start your own class by choosing what time is convenient for you on our assigned class days, but you must have at least three kids that will be joining the class as well. Then we would provide a coach for you. Cost is the same as any other class.