$25.00 per individual and $50.00 per family. Membership is valid for 12 months.

We only allow tennis shoes or flat indoor shoes to be worn on the turf.

Each location hours vary depending on what events are going on. Call or text for hours. 304-562-1020

Birthday Parties:

We do require waivers to be filled out if the child has not been to the facility before. Waiver forms can be accessed and printed here.

Hurricane: 6 Kanawha City: 6

Yes, you can bring outside food, drinks, and cake

Yes, if requested

Yes. We have a pizza package including 3 Extra Large one or two topping pizzas and three pitchers of fountain sodas or lemonade for $60. Must call us to place order before party.

15 minutes before your party starts.

No. Adults and the birthday child do not count in the number of friends.

Hurricane: 3 Kanawha City: 2 The parties are separated by a colored wristband and an assigned staff member to ensure each party receives everything included in their package.

No, but the membership gives you discounts.


There are 8 weeks of games

At the end of Winter Session II, there is a free tournament for teams that participated in both winter sessions.

Yes, we have a fully stocked concession stand to satisfy all your wants and needs!

The house teams do not practice. They just play one game a week.

Your child needs socks, shinguards, and shoes. We provide the soccer balls.

We can place your child on a house team, and they will even get a free team t-shirt.

One of our Quantum employees coach the house teams.


Most sessions are 12 weeks.

  • 2018 Fall classes will have
    • Tuesday classes for 12 weeks
    • Thursday classes for 11 weeks (No class on 11/22/18)
    • Saturday classes for 11 weeks (No class on 12/1/18)
  • 2018/19 Winter classes will have
    • Tuesday classes for 12 weeks
    • Thursday classes for 12 weeks
    • Saturday classes for 11 weeks (No class on 2/9/19)

There will not be class on 11/22/18 (Thanksgiving)

  • 2018/19 Winter classes will take a 2 week break from 12/23/18-1/6/19. Classes will resume on 1/7/19.

Our trained employees coach the classes.

Athletic clothes/provided uniform and tennis shoes or flat indoor turf shoes.

What is a parent participation class? Parents join the class with their child. Children at young ages look to their parents for guidance in how they should behave. Parents help their children learn as the coach instructs the drills and games.

Do parents have to pay for themselves and the child for parent participation classes? No. The only payment is for the child.

We understand that people have other commitments. We do allow make up sessions to take place in the case that your child misses a class.

No. Our class schedule is always changing due to the number of kids in classes.

You must contact the coach and schedule the makeup session.

No. We provide all the equipment used during classes.

If you want to. We do have a concession stand with drinks available for purchase.

Yes. We can pro-rate the classes for your child.

Yes. You can start your own class by choosing what time is convenient for you on our assigned class days, but you must have at least three kids that will be joining the class as well. Then we would provide a coach for you. Cost is the same as any other class.


No, although there are discounts with a membership. See discounts here!

  • No, although there are discounts with a membership. See discounts here!

discounts with a membership. See discounts here!

No, but we have a concession stand with drinks, food, and candy available for purchase throughout the whole day.

Nothing, unless the child would like a drink, snack, or packed lunch from home.

Kids tend to get thirsty or a little hungry during camp. It is recommended to bring money if they would like to purchase drinks, food, or candy from the concession stand.

Our coach will be able to keep the money in separated envelopes with your child’s name on it.

Early drop off is 8:00am.

Late pick up is 5:00pm.

Camp starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm for a whole day.

Parents are welcome to stay as long as they would like, but they are not required to stay at all.

Our trained employees coach the camps.

Yes, but you must notify the coach of who will be picking your child up to ensure the safety of all campers.

If something were to happen, the coach will call you and you can speak to your child.

Be sure to inform the coach at drop off, and it is best for you to send a packed snack/lunch with them.