Party Extras

Bubble Balls (Ages 10&Up)

6 Balls Per Party
Bubble Ball is one of the newest forms of recreation that’s taking America by storm! By combining giant plastic ball-like Sumo suits, Bumper Cars, Demolition Derby and total ridiculousness, Bubble Ball has become a great way to promote fitness, camaraderie and an overall GREAT TIME! Our staff supervises and assists children in the bubble balls during the party.

Nerf Gun Battle

Our staff member runs an organized Nerf Gun Battle by splitting the party into two teams and playing games such as capture the flag or VIP with the nerf guns. We have all the guns, bullets, jerseys, and protective glasses. Children are welcome to bring their own guns if they would like.

Cotton Candy Machine

Nothing stirs the senses more than the smell of hand-spun Cotton Candy. We have everything to meet your cotton candy needs including the supplies. Our staff member will make the cotton candy for the children and adults.

Popcorn Machine

Our staff member will make the popcorn! You can watch as the popcorn kettle churns out serving after serving of delectable, fluffy popcorn. We provide the bags for the popcorn as well.

Snow Cones

Snow cones make for the perfect treat at any party. We provide the supplies and have flavors of blue raspberry, cherry, grape, orange, and lime to choose from.

Shaved Ice

We offer shaved ice, similar to snow cones, but with a thinner ice and fluffier taste. We have blue raspberry, cherry, grape, orange, and lime flavors.

Pucker Powder

A tasty sugar that adults and kids love! We offer multiple flavors with the favorites being grape, strawberry, birthday cake, sour fruit punch, and sour apple.

Spin Art

Everyone loves to be creative, and Spin Art will allow you to do just that. Use the frisbee as your canvas. Apply the paints and let it spin. As you finish your unique design, you will begin to see just how creative you are. After you finish designing your work of art, let it dry and take it with you.


Children love SAND ART. This is offered for those who would like to take something home with them. This is a fun way for the kids to be creative


This is an old favorite with a new twist. The unit is double wide allowing room for 2 players. The game is played just like skeeball, except it is played on an inflatable game area and instead of hard wooden balls, we use mini basketballs. Only offered in Kanawha City.

Double Shot

Beat the clock to see who’s the best free-throw champ. Best score in 30 seconds wins the game, unless of course… OVERTIME and shoot for 30 seconds more!! Only offered in Kanawha City.

Putting Challenge

This golf game is perfect for team building, trade shows, corporate outings or just for fun at your next party or event. This unit has computer score keeping, 4 players at once can play also. It has Pro, Amateur, Practice settings. Each hole is different and also has automatic ball return. Only offered in Kanawha City.

Speed Ball

Speed Ball Pitching is an enclosed cage with netting and contains a back drop with a pitcher and umpire. The player throws 2 baseballs and they are clocked by the radar. The player then guesses his 3rd throw, and with a correct guess, wins a prize.

Hot Potato

Who can get their ball into the basket first? Work the ball down the path of air tubes to the basket and win the game.

Corn Hole

A lawn game in which players take turns throwing corn hole bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21.

Big Foot Race

Big Foot Race is the perfect item for any party that calls for a fun & zany game. Each racing team is made up of three people, and in order to get anywhere, the individual team members must work together as a group. This item is ideal for both teens and adults. And best of all, it makes huge strides in developing teamwork and cooperation, creating a hilarious game. It features 2 sets of rugged “Big Feet” (8′ long) and heavy-duty straps, and also comes with a brightly colored banner.


To play Tug-o-War a field is laid out. Two parallel lines are designated about 20 feet apart on the grass. The rope is laid perpendicular to these lines. A cloth flag is tied to the middle of the rope. Two teams of relatively equal weight are chosen. They are required to position themselves along the rope on either side of one of the lines leaving the center area (or no man’s land) empty.