NFL Youth Flag Football Leagues at Quantum Sports Center

NFL Youth Flag Football

Quantum sports center is proud to provide an nfl flag league for youth football players across Kanawha and Putnam Counties. The facility will provide the game balls and flags. Each player will also receive and NFL jersey depending on which team their group picks.

To Register, click here or call Quantum at (304)-562-1020

General FAQs

  • Do I need a membership? Yes
  • What are the membership benefits? Click here to see discounts!
  • How long does the league run? There are 8 weeks of games.
  • Are food and drinks available during the games? Yes, we have a fully stocked concession stand to satisfy all your wants and needs!
  • How long are the games? 50 minutes two 25 min halves. The clock does not stop. Running clock.
  • Does the team practice? There are no practices scheduled at this time. Just games once a week. If a team does want to practice we can schedule a time for them to come in and practice!
  • What equipment does my child need? We suggest turf shoes be worn for games. Tennis shoes are fine too but a leather shoe will provide more support for the child.
  • My child doesn’t have a team to play on, what can he/she do? We can place your child on a house team.
  • Who coaches the house teams? One of our Quantum employees coach the house teams or we will get a parent volunteer to coach the house team.