Member Benefits

Membership Fee: $25.00 per individual and $50.00 per family. Membership is good for 12 months.

As a Quantum Sports Center member you have full access to all of our Quantum Sports faciliites and satellite locations which means you may participate in:

  • Soccer Tots, Lil Sluggers and Lil Pigskins Indoor Classes (members only)
  • Soccer Tots, Lil Sluggers and Lil Pigskins Outdoor Classes (members only)
  • Training Clinics for Youth and Adults (members only)
  • Youth Leagues (members only)
  • Adult Leagues (members only)
  • Camps: Summer Camps/Drop-In-Shop Camps/School Break Camps
  • Parties
  • Rentals & Special Events

In addition to having full facility and event access, members are offered:

  • Discounts for Parties
  • Discounts for Rentals & Special Events
  • 5th Day Free for Camps
  • House Teams Get Free Team T-Shirts
  • Discounts on drop in fun zone pass