Field Rentals

Rent a field for your next event, clinic, or holiday party!

Quantum Sports offers the largest indoor field in Putnam County and all of our fields are available to rent for special events and activities including team practices, tournaments, private training clinics, team parties, field trips, corporate events, overnight lock-in events for schools and youth groups, reunions, holiday parties, business team building events and more.

Our normal time blocks for parties on Saturday are:

Quantum Sports can make your next special event unforgettable and TONS OF FUN! We’ve got all types of fun activities to keep your guests entertained including: Soccer, Fun Zone Inflatables, Flag Football, Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, and Lil’ Kickers games. If there’s a special activity you’d like to incorporate, just ask! We’ll do what we can to help make it happen. If you need coaches for your event, just say the word! We’ve got access to a pool of talented coaches that can help you achieve the goals of your planned activity. Plus, our Hurricane facility features a lounge so after your event on the field, you can celebrate, have fun and eat food like pizza, sandwiches, beverages, and cake.

Quantum Sports Center offers the following field rental options:

Check our calendar on MySam for availability or call 562-1020 to schedule your team today.

If you would like us to start a class at an outside location or at one of our facilities, contact us by calling or email